Lake View Cemetery - Rules and Regulations

Rules Changes for Grave Decorations

     The Lake View Cemetery Association is considering updating its rules regarding decorations at gravesites. 

     Our office has received a number of complaints the last few years concerning excessive or inappropriate

     decorations on various graves within the cemetery.  In the past the cemetery took the position that as

     long the decorations were confined to the grave space and weren't offensive, they were allowed.  Also,

     decoration rules specific to various sections have been overlooked or poorly enforced.  In recent years

     various graves have been decorated with items so numerous, or haphazardly placed that it becomes nearly

     impossible to properly maintain the area.  Oftentimes grass and weeds grow unchecked and unsightly in

     between the items, which are often small, hard-to-spot 'knick-knacks' that can get flung by string trimmers,

     or turn into 'shrapnel' if they are accidentally run over by a mower.  Other graves have decorations all

     out of proportion to the size of the marker, which overwhelm the ambiance of the area.


     The public's input is desired in order that we can make sensible decisions that are reasonable and enforceable,

     with fairness to all lot owners, while eliminating maintenance 'nightmares'.  It is impossible to please everyone

     in an area as subjective as this, but it is hoped that a consensus can be reached that will allow for individual

     tastes, yet prevent the excesses of a few who believe that, "Anything goes", or, "More is better".  Please stop by

     our office to review and answer a questionnaire that we have prepared.  Your opinion is valued, and will be given

     due consideration.

     Please note that items such as glass blocks, glass vases, stone chips (including plastic, marble, glass, etc.) and

     other items likely to shatter or be thrown violently if caught up in a mower or string trimmer are already              

     disallowed.  Permanent plantings (trees, bushes, spreading or invasive plants, and certain perennials) are not

     allowed on sections where only flat markers are allowed, and some other areas. 


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