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   1. Making Pre-Arrangements - Important Items to Consider

   2. A Few Questions For You - And a Few Answers

           What are your desires in regard to funerals and burial arrangements?

           What sort of options are available for the disposition of human remains?

               Full-size (Traditional) Burial


               Donate Body to Science 

            Are graves (and memorials) really necessary?

   3. Services & Fees - Price List


            Land Sales

            Cremation Niches

            Memorials and Memorial Foundations 


 1. - Making Pre-Arrangements for Yourself or Others - Some Important Things to Consider

        Few people relish the idea of making funeral and/or burial  plans for oneself or others, but it is truly a wise

        and compassionate decision to take care of this absolute necessity prior to the time of actual need.  Family

        members can be spared considerable grief and difficulty at a time already filled with plenty of both.  Many

        decisions and actions must be attended to at this time, and the need to go 'grave shopping', or scrambling

         to finance burial costs needn't be among them.  

        Imagine spending time at a cemetery on a cold, windy winter's day, trudging through a foot or more of snow

        to pick out a gravesite, or trying to finance the costs of burial, cremation, or other related items, all while

        burdened with the many cares and needs involved at the time of a loved one's passing.  Spare yourself, or

        someone you care for, these and other difficulties, by making sound, sensible, and measured decisions now,

        not at a time when you are distraught and unprepared. 

        It also makes sound financial sense to prepare for the costs incurred at the time of death.  Funeral and burial

        costs can be considerable, and pre-planning can often save a considerable sum of money.  Calm, informed

        decisions, made with the aid of information gathered from multiple sources, can result in great savings,

        and  satisfaction in knowing you have done exactly what is desired for yourself or a loved one.  We urge you

        to take the time to review the information and prices shown here, and at other sites, and then make a decision

        to act.  We assure you that it will be both emotionally and financially beneficial for everyone in your life.

        Grave spaces are available for purchase at Lake View Cemetery on a monthly payment plan, if desired.  You

        can decide your monthly payment level, after a down payment of as little as 10% of the total purchase price.

        It is impossible to fully describe all the choices and possibilities available to you in these few pages.  Please call

        one of our non-commissioned staff at 716-665-3206, or stop by our office at 907 Lakeview Avenue, Jamestown,

        NY.  We look forward to working with you, and helping to make your decisions as easy and satisfying as



 2. - A Few Questions for You - And a Few Answers

       What are your desires in regard to funerals and burial arrangements?  - Obviously we can't answer this question

       directly - only you can - but we can inform you of the choices available to you.  In New York State a licensed

       Funeral Director must be involved in the disposition of human remains.  We urge you to "shop around" - speak

       to friends who have dealt with the funeral process - and then consult with several funeral professionals.  We

       don't wish to speak for them, but we do want you to know you have many choices.  The most important thing to

       remember in this regard is that you can select the level of service you desire, and your choices are not limited to

       only those items or services your chosen Funeral Director can provide.  

       You are free to utilize products and services from multiple sources when arranging  (or pre-arranging) funeral

       services.  Burial Vaults, caskets, urns, flowers, transportation services - these and other items may be obtained

       from the provider of your choice.  Of course, Funeral Directors are skilled in meshing all these items and

       services seamlessly - especially at the time of need - but if you are pre-arranging, it will pay to consult several

       sources before committing to purchase any item or service.  Please check our Price List below for further

       information on products or services available through Lake View Cemetery.  Also check our 'Links' page for

       other sources of information, products, and services.

       What sort of options are available for the disposition of human remains?

       Full-size (Traditional) Burial - This option is usually the most involved and expensive process, but remains the

       most common means of disposition in our area.  In almost all cemeteries, an outer case (often referred to as

       a Vault) must be used to contain the casket in the ground.  A concrete outer case (called a Graveliner) that meets

       all of our requirements, is available from Lake View Cemetery for $810.00 (see our Price List on this page), but

       you are free to purchase this or other models (provided they meet cemetery requirements) from any source you

       wish.  Many outer cases have various features which will greatly affect the total price.

       A grave space must be purchased for each full-size burial at Lake View Cemetery.  Although a number of double

       burials (one full-size burial on top of another) have been done in the past, that practice is no longer permitted at

       Lake View Cemetery.  However, cremated remains may be interred on top of a full-size burial.  Lake View

       Cemetery does not have a Community Mausoleum, however individuals desiring above-ground interment may

       purchase and erect private mausoleums through Lake View Cemetery or other sources.  Please call or stop by

       our office for further details. 

       Cremation - Once a rarity, this practice has steadily increased in usage.  Lake View Cemetery presently allows up

       to three cremains to be buried in one full-size grave.  However, only one full-size memorial may be placed on the

       grave.  In cases where cremains are placed in a previously marked grave, an additional small memorial may be

       added next to the existing memorial.  Consult with our staff for further valuable guidance concerning


       Lake View Cemetery presently has no requirement for the type of container in which cremains are buried, but

       it must be a solid, closed container.  Nearly all cremains are received from the crematory packaged in a hard

       plastic container.  This is considered acceptable  for Lake View Cemetery burial, but many families choose

       to place the ashes in other types of urns.  You can choose from a wide variety of urns available through our

       office, or you may wish to purchase one elsewhere.  The choice is yours.  Urn vaults, small concrete

       containers that protect the cremains in a manner similar to full-size Burial Vaults, are also available through

       our office, if desired.

       Lake View Cemetery also maintains a Columbarium - a structure for the above-ground interment of cremains -

       in an area of the cemetery convenient for viewing and close to one of  the cemetery roads.  This structure is

       made of brick, sandstone, and bronze, with a flagstone apron.  Spaces are available singly or in pairs, and prices

       include a bronze plate with all necessary information.  These spaces, or 'niches', cost no more than in-ground

       burial, when the cost of a memorial is factored in.  Check our Price List below, and call (716-665-3206) or stop

       by our office for further details.

       A limited number of 'Ashes Only' grave spaces are available at Lake View Cemetery.  These spaces, about half

       the length (and cost) of a full-size grave space, are available in selected areas of the cemetery.  Up to two burials

       of cremains may be placed in these graves.   Each grave is at least three feet wide, so standard size memorials

       may be used.  Check with our office staff for further details.

       Donate Body to Science - Some people choose this option, but one must have alternative options in place, as

       bodies are occasionally rejected for various reasons.  Oftentimes bodies utilized by various organizations are

       eventually cremated and returned to the family for disposition, or the family may direct the organization to

       send the ashes directly to a cemetery for burial.  Often the organization will pay for burial costs (provided a

       grave has been purchased).  Consult our 'Links' page for further information.

       Are graves (and memorials) really necessary? - Obviously graves (or mausoleums) are necessary for full-size

       interments, but with the increasing practice of cremation by today's society, this is a question that deserves

       thoughtful consideration.  The increased mobility and transient nature of today's society might make the notion

       of a 'family plot' seem somewhat quaint, but actually it's more relevant than ever.  Everyone has a desire to be

       remembered - to feel a lasting connection to one's family, social group, or community.  Some people accomplish

       great deeds, publish books, or in some way create a lasting legacy for themselves.  Most of us, however, live out

       our lives in less newsworthy fashion - no less significant in their own way - just a bit quieter.  Over time, even

       the lives of the once-famous often fade into history.  But cemeteries can serve purposes beyond simple burial

       functions.  They serve as reminders for the living - reminders of the past, of our loved ones, of our connection

       to nature and to each other.  

       Families scattered over wide geographic areas still come together at Lake View Cemetery to remember and

       celebrate the life of a loved one whose remains are entrusted with us.  Every day, many people come here to

       walk or jog, take photos, learn a little local history, and generally contemplate nature and their surroundings.

       Good cemeteries are valuable places of contemplation, beauty, and art  - places of remembrance and

       renewal.  Good cemeteries, by virtue of the history contained in bronze, stone, and written records, are also

       important repositories of the legacy of those who have gone before us.  

       Oftentimes you might hear someone say, "When I die, I don't care what you do with me.", in the misguided

       notion that they will be sparing their family the anguish of struggling with the expense, details, and hardships

       a formal funeral entails.  In fact, they may be helping to create exactly the anguish they hope to avoid.

       Frequently this lack of planning can produce financial hardship, family strife, and general dissatisfaction among

       all concerned.   Our earthly remains, while certainly a transient thing, deserve to be treated with respect and

       care.  A body, or an urn of ashes (which are actually pulverized bone fragments, not ashes in the common

       definition of the word), is best buried or interred in a place where that person's remains, and memory,

       are accorded the treatment we all would commonly desire.  Ashes should not be left on someone's mantel, in

       a closet, or buried or scattered in some indiscriminate location.  Everyone deserves the gift of remembrance.          

       We hope you will give Lake View Cemetery consideration for this worthy purpose.  Come visit our beautiful,

       well-maintained grounds, and see for yourself.




 3. - Services & Fees - Price List (Effective March 1, 2017)


                Adult - Opening...........................................................$ 833.00

                Child - Opening (to 6 foot length of vault)..................$ 360.00

                Child - Opening (to 3 foot length of vault)..................$ 200.00


                Cremated Remains - Opening  (in ground)................$ 450.00 (Add $5.00 NYS fee for out of state                                                                                                                                                     cremations)

                2nd person's ashes in same interment.......................$   90.00 (Add $5.00 NYS fee for out of state                                                                                                                                                      cremations)


                Tent...............................................................................$   90.00

                Lowering Device/Trim and Mats.................................$   75.00

                Trim, Platform, and Chairs for Cremation Service......$   35.00

                Grave Liner (Concrete outer container for casket).....$  810.00

                Concrete Vault for Ashes  (Optional) (2 sizes)............$  289.00 to $334.00

                Disinterment (Full-size remains in casket/vault).......$ 880.00

                Disinterment (Ashes)...................................................$ 456.00

                Disinterment of Ashes (for reburial in same grave)....$ 112.00

                Extra Charge for any Saturday Service.........................$ 125.00

                Additional Charge for Saturday Services past Noon...$    55.00 per 1/2 hr. (Based on time of arrival)

                Additional Charge for Weekday Services past 3:00 PM $ 55.00 per 1/2 hr. (Based on time of arrival)

      Land Sales (per grave space)

                Lot Sections 27, 28, 29, & 30......................................$  735.00 (Flat Memorials only - May be bronze,  

                                                                                                                                    granite, or marble)

                All other Lot Sections (except Premium Graves).......$  845.00 (Upright Memorials allowed in specific areas)

                Child's Section (Section 24)........................................$   128.00

                Infant's Section (Section 24C)....................................$     67.00

                'Ashes Only' Graves (Various locations).....................$  427.00

                Premium Graves (in older sections, when available).$1,435.00

                Premium 'Ashes Only' Grave (2 Ashes Max.).............$  700.00

                Soldier's Circle - Grave space is provided free by Lake View Cemetery to Honorably Discharged Veterans

                with minimum two year's service in U.S. Armed Forces.  Other charges (Grave opening, Vault, Memorial,

                etc.) are the responsibility of the next of kin or other responsible party.  Grave space may not be reserved,

                and is subject to availability.  Memorial must match all others on this section.  (Government Veteran's

                Memorial not allowed here.)  At present there is only room for the burial of ashes in Soldier's Circle.

                Veteran's Grove - The newly-opened Veteran's Grove area in the northern end of the cemetery has

                specific prices and rules regarding burial in that section.  Please call the office (716-665-3206) for further

                information.  Grave - $629.00 (Graves may not be reserved.)  


      Cremation Niches - Cremorial Garden (Above-Ground Interment of Ashes)

               Individual (one person)           Niche............................$    453.00

                                                                     Inurnnment..................$     111.00

                                                                     Inscription....................$    370.00

                                                                        Total...........................$    934.00


              Double (Two persons)              Niche(s)........................$    794.00

                                                                     Inurnments..................$    224.00

                                                                     Inscriptions..................$    739.00

                                                                       Total............................$ 1,757.00


      Memorials & Memorial Foundations

             Lake View Cemetery is limited by New York State law to selling only Bronze Memorials.  However, you may

             purchase bronze, granite, or marble memorials from any source you wish, providing they meet our

             specifications for size, style, and durability.  (We do not recommend marble memorials because marble is

             both brittle and easily eroded.)  Our Bronze Memorials are available in a wide variety of styles from 6" x 6"

             to 44" x 14".  Many sizes can have built-in Bronze Flower Vases, if desired.  Call or stop by our office to view

             samples and see brochures of the many options available.  

             Nearly all memorials must have a concrete foundation beneath them.  Lake View Cemetery must install the

             foundation, and install the memorial, regardless of the memorial's place of origin.  All bronze memorials

             purchased from Lake View Cemetery (for installation in this cemetery) have a separate, small installation

             charge.  Purchasers of memorials from outside sources must also pay Lake View Cemetery a separate

             Foundation & Installation charge, which is $55.00 per surface square foot, or $175.00, whichever is larger.

             Small markers (less than 9" x 9") are installed for $35.00.

             As always, check with our office staff (716-665-3206) for further information.


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