Lake View Cemetery - History

Lake View Cemetery is a Not-For-Profit Association with over 160 years of continuous service to the Jamestown,

NY, area.  In 1858, the citizens of Jamestown realized that they had outgrown the village burial ground (located

on the site of the present James Prendergast Library), and needed to make long-range plans for the future burial

needs of the fast-growing community.  About 37.5 acres (now over 150 acres) were purchased and developed by

the Trustees, who were chosen by the people of Jamestown.  On October 5, 1859, the cemetery was dedicated 

with appropriate ceremonies on the grounds, attended by a large portion of the villagers.  To date there are more

than 44,000 burials in the cemetery, with space for many thousands more. 


A free booklet, Self-Guided Tours of Lake View Cemetery , contains much information about the history of the

cemetery and its 'residents'.  It's available in the cemetery office, located at 907 Lakeview Ave.  Office hours are:

 Weekdays - 8:30 - 5:00 (closed Noon - 1:00), and Saturdays - 8:30 - Noon.      

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