Lake View Cemetery - Frequently Asked Questions

 Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. - How large is Lake View Cemetery?

    A. - There are about 68 acres inside the "fenced-in" area (the area between Buffalo St. and Marvin Parkway), and               about 72 acres between Marvin Parkway and the I-86 Expressway.  About 63 acres in this area are still                          undeveloped.

Q. - When was the first burial?

   A. - Corrisande Barrett Lowry was buried August 30, 1859, on Lot 2 of Wildwood Section.  This was actually more              than one month prior to the dedication of the cemetery (October 5, 1859).  At a later date, many of the burials            from Jamestown's earlier burial ground (where the Prendergast Library is now) were transferred here. 

Q. - How many people are buried at Lake View Cemetery?

   A. - About 44,000, with room for many thousands more. 

Q. - When is the cemetery open?

   A. - The grounds are open everyday: 7:30 - 4:30 (Winter hours - November - April)

                                                                      7:30 - 8:30 (Summer hours - April - November)

           Call the Office (716-665-3206) or check signs at any gate to confirm hours.

           The Office is open: Weekdays 8:30 - 5:00 (Closed Noon - 1:00 PM)

                                              Saturday   8:30 - Noon

                                              Sunday      Closed    

Q. - How do I locate graves in the cemetery?

   A. - Call, email, or stop by our office at 907 Lakeview Avenue.  Free maps of the cemetery are available at our                      office (or see our 'Mapspage), along with the free booklet, "Self-Guided Tours of lake View Cemetery", which              also contains a map of the cemetery.  We will locate individual graves or family lots on the maps for you, and              even personally accompany you to find a grave, if necessary.

Q. - Are dogs or other pets allowed in the cemetery?

   A. - No, unless it is a registered Seeing-Eye dog, used for that purpose.  You may bring a pet into the cemetery if it             is kept in your vehicle as you make a brief visit.  Don't forget that pets cannot handle the high internal                           temperatures of cars parked in the sun.

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